Kerem Zaman

PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill


UNC Chapel Hill


I’m currently a second-year PhD student at the UNC-Chapel Hill where I am advised by Shashank Srivastava.

Before PhD, I earned my bachelor’s degree from the Department of Computer Engineering Boğaziçi University, where my thesis advisor was Pinar Yanardag.

I’m interested in interpretable and explainable machine learning, multilingual NLP, Large Language Models (LLMs). robustness and fairness. My ultimate research goal is to enhance our understanding of black-box models.


Nov 15, 2023 New preprint! “Fuse to Forget: Bias Reduction and Selective Memorization through Model Fusion” [pdf]
Oct 7, 2023 Paper accepted into EMNLP 2023! “MaNtLE: Model-agnostic Natural Language Explainer “ [pdf]
Oct 6, 2022 Paper accepted into EMNLP 2022! “A Multilingual Perspective Towards the Evaluation of Attribution Methods in Natural Language Inference” [pdf] [webpage]
Aug 15, 2022 Started my PhD in UNC at Chapel Hill.